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Last meeting w/ @DewickEka, about 2 months ago

Last meeting w/ @DewickEka, about 2 months ago

BakpiaPia. Bakpia blasteran rasa cappuccino, pisang keju, durian, keju, cokelat, nanas. (???)

BakpiaPia. Bakpia blasteran rasa cappuccino, pisang keju, durian, keju, cokelat, nanas. (???)

A Coincidence

Okay, setelah lama vakum nulis blog, sekarang aku nyoba nulis lagi, dan saat ini aku pengen cerita tentang suatu hal telah membuat aku beda, beda dari sebelumnya, dan karena ini aku sekarang punya kehidupan yang baru, lebih baik tentunya.

Well, I’ll start. It was started around 4 months ago. My friend, Rio, usually called Ncut, ask me to be active in Twitter again. Then I start twitting again. Yet, it was surprising when I opened my profile my username was ukkiy. Hahahaha, it is such a cute name I think, and my followers mostly laughed and gave me comments by replying. Moreover, another surprising thing was my avatar, it showed the picture of my ex. girlfriend and I.

However, that is not the story I wanna tell you. This story is about how I met someone special in my life, someone who always fill my soul until now, and I wish it would be forever.

Someday, when I was twitting, I found her name, I actually ever knew and saw her, because she is my peer in university. Then I followed her, then she followed me back, and we started talking and we enjoyed it. We were getting closer when we often shared about our problems each other, and fortunately I always got nice sollutions from her, and she was also. We enjoyed our time when we were together and could talk about anything, cheer up each other, and laughed together.

After three weeks, I felt something wrong happened with my heart, I thought that I consider her not only as a sharing partner, but more than that. I was so confused at that time, I thought that feeling is impossible, there are some factors that force me to be realistic, but I could not against that strong feeling. First, at that time she was in Jakarta and I was in Yogyakarta, and we did not know well each other, we just ever met but we never remebered it, so we considered we even never met before. Second, she is 3.5 years old older than me. Third, at that time she was looking for job in Jakarta, so it is possible that we will have long distance relationship. We thought that it would not work.

I did not know why, someday, she suddenly doubted if we will have a relationship, but actually I knew that she felt the same with me. Then, I tried to chase her, I called her to convince her that I really love her and I am serious with her.

After a long conversation, I could convince her, and she believed in me, and that time we agreed to have a relationship. This is the point for my new life, and I am happy through my days with her.

It was on September 24, 2010. We almost through 3 months together. Some problems occur, but we could through them well together. I realize that she always try to understand me better, and so do I.

Met you, that was a coincidence that I will never regret, even though I know it had been directed by Lord. Thank God for believing in me to take care of her. I promise I will always love her.

You Are My Autumn

Everything changes when you come
My summer has gone
And my autumn comes

You are my autumn
Save me from summer
When I feel so hot
So tired
Then you come
Bring down all my pain and burdens

Thank you, honey

My Morphine

At the first time
You became a bandage
You covered my pain
‘Till it was healed

Now you become a drug
My morphine
I need you everytime
And I can’t lose you
You always make me desiring more when I taste you

Google helps students a lot in doing assignment and exam ;)

What thing comes first in your mind when you get assignment? Then you have no idea with the material. Yeah, Google. Google is your savior in this situation. Just type the keywords, then everything related to them just appear.

Sometimes, I just think that the authors who feel proud when their journals or works are up loaded, are stupid, because their journals and works just will be students’ prey. So, be aware, because we’re students ready to haunt your journals, and will recognize them as our works. ;)

The most beautiful moment in my life: My 2nd monthversary with Dewi :’)

The most beautiful moment in my life: My 2nd monthversary with Dewi :’)


Consider that everything in our life now is the last. Your breath, your chance to meet your parents, your smile, and kiss from your girlfriend. Those could be the last. What if it really happens, what would you do? Will you find the way to get back to previous time to fix everything because you regret them? Wake up dude, everything cannot be re-winded. Just be wise to do anything, and never regret them. Then, will you try to find the LAST PATH to be the best person before you lose them all?